Ucenter Dress wedding party bridesmaid wears in cobalt blue

These sounds definitely carry me back to my # zanzibarianlife , ofcourse the melodies of qaswidah, the Maulid instrument, the colorful little cute flags on the air, people in kanzu (the male Islamic dress), ladies in Buibui (the black women veils) young girls in colorful dresses, loud Maulid qaswida in every main streets of Lamu, So everybody know or realize its # MAULIDfestival
This historic taboo has now been an annual ritual for centuries, celebrating Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W)'s Birthday in style, people gather in the Lamu Island for couple day, celebrating the birthday of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (S,A.W) with beautiful qaswida (poetry), crowds filled with smiles & Arabian perfumes, not only that but other activities going on; from Bao game tournaments, fishing, swimming , Dhow, Donkey, Henna painting, competitions & among variety of other traditional dances from the famous villages of Pate Islands; Siu, Pate, etc not to mention the after parties , the island is lightened up with screaming lights, BBQ on the smoky streets, celebration parties for the competitions winners, hotels are busy filled with guests , out door water activities, from sailings, sun downers, Dhow race follow up rides, fresh cold tropical juices for your thirsty throat, loads of festive merchandise & souvenirs deals from the local artists & small entrepreneurs, ridiculously amazing restaurants & homemade to day for arrangements.... and list goes on and on and on.. to cut the long story short it feels heaven on earth. Ucenter Dress wedding party bridesmaid wears in cobalt blue
I know you are picturing yourself for the next #Maulidfestival or even for the other # festivals before the next #Maulidfestival and believe you me you are thinking right, and imagine IT'S SOO EASY, what you need to do is INBOX ME for inquiries..
2018 smells good.. so i have a lot of breathtaking plans for you to make your & my 2018 the best year of my & your life...

'Kwaheri kwa sasa', means 'Goodby for now'

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Videography by- Hakim Abdallah

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