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# flames of paradise

episode 19 continuaton
‘You feel as if there is a connection between both of you… as if you have fallen in love… ’ Dimple filled in softly.
‘God! Can you believe that Dimple? Of all the people in the world, I had to fall in love with a man who I’m not sure will be alive to hear it also.’ Snigdha’s voice wobbled painfully.
‘Why do you lose hope so easily? He will be saved and alive. I’m sure of that and inside your heart of hearts even you are sure of that. Tell me, does he share your feelings?’ Snigdha looked at Dimple’s clear eyes, an expression of concern in them.
‘I have no idea. Both of us got very close that night. But… such proximity can happen in such circumstances. He hardly talked about his feelings. He is a man of the world and I’m not sure if he is married or has a woman in his life…’
‘Just stop thinking about all that crap Sidhi. Hold on to your faith. Pray for him and wish for the best! I am sure there was a reason for you to meet him in such an adverse situation. God has strange ways to introduce us to our soulmates…’ Dimple’s dimples appeared on her smooth cheeks, as she smiled secretively, distracting Snigdha.
‘Dimple! What’s going on in your life? You seem to be happy! Has the cupid struck you finally? Has Nitin…’ Snigdha asked with a smile on her face.
‘Yes! Yes! Nitin asked me out after a few days of coming back. At first I thought it was to lament over your situation and talk about you. But soon I realised that from consoling each other, we started spending more and more time with each other. It was so spontaneous. You brought us together Sidhi. Two days ago he expressed his love for me! It was the most romantic moment in my entire life.’ Dimple stood up and twirled on her feet, making her frothy, curly hair flounce around her happy face.
‘Coming from a connoisseur like you, I am sure it must have been fantastic!’ Snigdha teased. At Dimple’s mock indignation, she corrected swiftly, ‘I mean, it was high time he expressed his love for you. All through the shoot he was mesmerised by you, and was dying to spend as much time around you as possible. I am so happy for you Dimple! Two of my best friends, together… it’s just too good to be true!! So when is the announcement?’
‘Nitin wants to have a formal engagement ceremony sometime next month, once you have taken some rest and are back to Delhi.’ Dimple said.
‘Hey! I hope you are not delaying because of me?’ Snigdha said mildly. She was not sure how much time it will take for her to heal mentally. There was no physical healing needed in her case except for a few bruises and tired muscles. But till she hears about Roshan, she knew, she would be in a dazed state, needing a lot of peace and quiet to relax her tensed nerves. Till she hears that he’s rescued and fine, she would be on tenterhooks.
‘No silly! It’s not that. We want you to be the guest of honouryaar! After all if it hadn’t been for you, I would not have got the assignment, and if I hadn’t got the assignment, I would not have met Nitin and known him so closely, and if I hadn’t known him so closely…’ Dimple’s tirade was stopped by a laughing Snigdha, whose eyes were full of mirth and happiness for her chatterbox friend.
‘Hold on Hold on… I get the full picture! Don’t worry, I will hopefully be back next month. Just need to take my mind away from death, blood and guns. Also not to forget that I have to start the post production of my documentary for which I’ve been paid heftily!’ Snigdha said pointedly.
‘Hmmmmm… you are right. What time you are leaving tomorrow?’ Dimple had stood up, gathering her huge, bright shiny bag. Snigdha smilingly remembered Nitin’s adjective for Dimple, ‘multicoloured’ and now understood its meaning. Dimple with her tumbling curls around her fair, shining face, loved wearing bright colours ranging from flaming red, shining blue, canary yellow to rani pink or fuschia, with absolutely contrasting shoes, scarves and accessories, down to her shiny toe nails. With an array of blue, green and yellow nail paints in the market these days, she has no problem dressing up to her heart’s content. But without fail making her look exquisite and heart stopping beautiful. No wonder Nitin was so besotted with her wanting to tie her down as soon as possible. A warm feeling spread inside Snigdha and on impulse she hugged her friend, who was taken aback. Snigdha was never the one to demonstrate her feelings. casual white wedding gown
‘I am very happy for you! And I will let a small cat of my bag too! I did a bit of match making myself… you with Nitin! I had always wanted you to get selected for the film and one of reasons was to make Nitin get hooked!’ Snigdha said sheepishly.
‘I knew it! Now you can be called a true friend!’ Dimple laughed loud. ‘Now I’ll be off Sweety! You take some rest. And don’t worry. Very soon, everything will be alright. As they say, this too shall pass! We will have a Double Whammy Wedding! Just you wait!’ with that punch line, Dimple was pushed hard by Snigdha who closed the door, a smile hovering on her lips.