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I’ve been getting asked a lot where I find the MOTIVATION ??‍♀️

The answer is simple: it changes daily/monthly/seasonally and sometimes I’m just not. Sometimes the only thing I’m motivated to do is eat tacos and French Fries and watch Lifetime movies ? ?

Since becoming a coach almost 4 years ago my fitness goals have changed A LOT ... from trying to fit into bridesmaid dresses and bikinis ? to wanting to be in shape and the healthiest I can be for my family ?‍?‍?‍? to currently focused on strength ?? . In 14ish weeks ? I’m going to be having my 3rd c-section and I KNOW that the stronger I am going into major surgery the easier and faster that recovery will be. And once momma is back to normal I’m all about having the best summer of maternity leave ever with all 3 of our babes cheap wedding guest dress ? ☀️ ? ☀️ and THAT is all the motivation I need ? ?