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Our wedding was an act of love by our favorite people.
Friends and family from all over the country blessed us with the sweetest day.
It’s hard to try to thank everyone... and I know this won’t touch the surface of all who made our day wonderful, but here’s a special thanks to a few that we couldn’t have done it without.
Katie sat through many a Saturday of me talking about napkins and flowers and travel plans. She was the last person to check my lipstick before I walked down the aisle. I couldn’t have done it without you.
Jessie and Lori picked my venue before I even saw it ? ? they dealt with many cranky phone calls and kept dad calm through it all. You guys are miracle workers and also the best MOH and MOTB a girl could ask for.
Sam had to keep jessie calm who kept Mom calm who kept dad calm and Silas happy. So you’re the real hero.
It’s not easy to see your son get married, especially 500 miles from home. Kim navigated wedding showers, thank you notes, and downtown savannah without skipping a beat ❤️
Alaina came to my childhood home at 8:00am so I could get have hair and makeup done while I watched the episode of the office where Pam and Jim get married.
Lizzy and Laura are the ladies I meet with once a week to have small group bible study and talk about life with. One was a bridesmaid, and the other was our photographer. The body of Christ brings you the sweetest friends chic cocktail collections online ❤️
Only one of my bridesmaids and one of Jason’s groomsmen had to travel less than a few hundred miles to be at our side. Kevin , Derek , Jeffrey and Nathan : thanks for hanging in there. You were all champs.
Nick cooked for (I’m pretty sure) months prior to our wedding to make sure we had the tastiest taco bar ever.
Brent and Benjamin traveled from Wisconsin to sing all our favorite songs live, and join Jason on the dance floor.
Nicholas left the airport, immediately went to Walmart, and bought us a steamer 2 hours before the wedding.
Robyn rubbed my shoulders when my dress made my back hurt, Meredith ate chic-fil-a on the floor with me, and Melanie made sure that anything that could possibly create unwanted stress was far from my ears.
My mom has the best friends in the world who threw me an incredible shower the Sunday before my wedding, were at the venue setting up long before I got there, and tearing down late after the party left.
Charlie sent many a meme, shot many a video and traveled many a mile to celebrate with us. Joshua started his DJ career with Jessie and Sam’s wedding, and ended it with our wedding. The circle of his DJ life is complete. Mason has been an amazing pastor and friend to Jason and I, and we were thankful to have him marry us.

Our wedding was incredible because of all of you. We love you guys, and could never thank you enough.

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