chic dress for prom party look amazing

Wakandan-American edition of Several Statuses in One:
what will it take to get gun control? who has to die, because it is not how many, or how young. my heart goes out to everyone affected, friends on my timeline who knew victims, had kids in that school. to everyone retraumatized. our kids don't deserve this.

so my black joy is dressing in gold tonight, planning how to tie these locs up, ready to take in all this moment. February 15 is now a black joy holiday. I’ve already tested out tonight’s fit in good lighting. This is something to be excited about, a movie full of us, kings and warriors, all of our blackness on full display, even if it is a fictional country. Even if it’s a Disney product. It is still us on screen, still Danai Gurira fighting off white henchmen in a casino, still Michael B Jordan as KillMonger, still Chad Bosewick as a black king, the smartest man on the planet in a universe with Tony Stark, ruler of the wealthiest, most technologically advanced society in the world. I've been reading all the back issues and collections I get my hands on. I’m excited to see how the characters transform themselves from the comics. yes, I'm seeing it three times to get the catch all the nuances in the theater full of cousins and homemade snacks. I know we don’t let ourselves get excited often, but we can. we should. cause Black Panther So Lit. chic dress for prom party look amazing

I'm bumping the Black Panther album all day, but if you ever need a good playlist, I usually got that artist you've just discovered on one. search me: princess.mcdowell

just like last year, you need something for # wowps2018 , lemme know. y'all coming back home