dusty blue bridesmaid dresses

Giving one star is very generous. Their sizes are totally off, they and don't care enough to make it right. I now have to find new dresses for my bridesmaids because they can't/won't fix their own mistakes. It is very unfortunate because I absolutely loved the dresses, and couldn't wait to tell my other friends planning weddings about their dresses, not anymore! For example my bridesmaid who wears a size 6 almost fits into my other bridesmaids dress that wears a 10/12, but or dusty blue bridesmaid dresses ... dered a 14 just in case, which is bigger than her size and is too small on her too. Their measurement guide is totally wrong and they say it's not their fault my bridesmaids ordered the wrong sizes, even though they did their measurements based off of their size chart! And yet people wonder why women have body issues, because companies like this don't even size correctly. Since when does a size 6 mean needing a size 12?!

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