empire style wedding wears with high waist

**Announcement for the Public**

As the New Host..& partner with The “Inclusive Prom Crew for 2k18” I have some news to share for you all. First I would like to give a S/O to Dominique Davis & her crew from last year. We Thank You!! For standing up in starting it off and we hope it can continue going on because it is a great experience. And everybody enjoyed themselves.. Since it’s my last year in high school I wanted to carry on the responsibility in making it happen for this year. This year theme is going to be “Masquerade”. More information will be given to you soon. Most of the criteria will stay the same as of last year. There is still going to be a prom court & King/Queen. The TIME will be from~ 7-11pm. LOCATION~@Harrison Park Clubhouse. Little notice this is still a formal event empire style wedding wears with high waist ‼️ Don’t come with street clothes on that’s not proper attire, just come dressed nice. ⚠️ Remember the only requirement is you have to be a Junior or a Senior to attend. For the people who will be taking an underclassmen just heads up you’ll have to fill out a form,and same for if your date is from another highschool. Everyone know if your date graduated high school, they cannot exceed over the age 21 and must also fill a form out be watch full of those three things. If not you will not be able to be apart of the prom this year. ?

More info coming soon thank you!!
~ Prom Crew 2K18