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*Chances of Destiny*




I parked my car at the gate and tiptoed towards the house. I decided to get in through the backdoor since most times I used to leave it unlocked during the day.

I got to my bedroom and took my gun from the safe inside the bedroom. I then heard a spoon drop in the kitchen, I held my gun ready to shoot and headed to the kitchen.

"Turn slowly and tell me who you are and what you are doing in my house or I shoot" I said.

The person in the kitchen was facing away from me hence I could not recognize her from the back. She slowly turned, looked at me and smiled.

"You had a long day, I thought I should make you dinner." She said.

"Betty how did you get in here?" I asked shocked.

"You gave me your key remember. When you sent me to get you the files you forgot on the table yesterday sir." She replied.

I was really exhausted, I had a long day so I couldn't mind someone cooking for me dinner.

"Next time you better inform me before you get into my house, otherwise you will receive a bullet." I said.

She smiled and continued cooking. Betty was wearing my shirt and a short dress, when we were dating, she never wore such, she had changed a lot. She became humble, nice, caring.....

After I paid her mum's hospital bill, she started washing away her pride and becoming a responsible lady. I decided to take my shower as she finished cooking dinner.

I went back to my room, returned the gun to the safe and took my towel. I then took off my clothes and got into the shower. The warm drops of water from the shower cascading down my body made me feel relaxed.

"Sir, dinner is ready. I can't find where you put your serving spoons." Betty shouted from the kitchen.

"Bottom cabinet of the table with the gas cooker on it." I shouted back.

"It is best when served hot sir." She said.

"Will be there in a minute, you can go ahead and set the table." I replied.

I dressed up into a vest and a short and headed to the dinning table, I found Betty serving dinner. I stared at her, admiring the new version of her. Betty had never made dinner while we were dating, I just couldn't help but like the new her.

"So, what made u have a change of heart?" I asked

"What do you mean Felix?" She asked.

"When we were dating, you never made me dinner, you always got take away from hotels or ready made food. You now got into my house and made dinner." I said.

"You saved my mum Felix. I abandoned you when I realized you were just a driver, years later we met and tables had turned, I was poor and you were rich. Instead of abandoning me like I did, you helped my mom, gave me a job and even a house. It is because of you I can be able to afford the car parked outside. garments which is affordable in 50 of the prom
The least I can do, is making you dinner sir." She replied.

Her words made me believe that she really had changed, I decided to give her a benefit of doubt.

"Am starving Betty, shall we?" I asked pointing at the dinner in front of us.

We ate our dinner, had a glass of wine for dessert and Betty cleared the table. She went to do the dirty dishes, I was left in the dinning room reading a magazine.

I then saw a glass which had been left behind while she was clearing the table, I decided to take it to the kitchen for her to clean it as well.

I stood behind Betty and stared at her for a while. The more I looked at her, the more I missed her. I placed the glass on the sink then slowly turned away.

Betty then turned and held my arm. I stopped, turned and faced her, her eyes were shining.

"Thank You for everything Felix, I owe it all to you." She said.

I looked her straight into her eyes, I could see she really missed the moments we used to spend together. She walked over to me and hugged me tightly, I could feel her chest squeeze on mine....


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