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"The Devil can't be in the details if you read them!" ( Solomon Arnold ) # LoveOutLoud

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Community Announcement Revised:

In Demand Entertainment's mission is to bridge the gap between public health and social service organizations and their in need, at risk, hard to reach, and underserved populations in order to turn disparities into equities for the means of community empowerment.

Thank you to Chicago State University (CSU) Student Government Association and Brave Space Alliance (BSA) for being the first organizations to step up in partnership with IDE in order to host the highly anticipated 15th annual Love Out Loud (LOL) Ball on Friday, February 9, 2018!

Together in creating safe space on and off campus, we are able to better assess the needs of the community and actively fulfill them. We recently welcomed them as official community partners for the means to organize to navigate health disparities and social justice inequalities in an effort to mobilize community centered initiatives and maximize our abilities to transition hardships into equities. long tight prom dresses

As they join us in this community initiative campaigning to # LoveOutLoud in support of our very own young, Black, Queer, and Trans people, we welcome you to take notice, get involved, and be apart of the anticipated celebration of Ballroom culture.

We will be offering opportunities to both likeminded organizations and their preferred populations prior to, at the LOL Ball, and beyond. Please share this event page with your networks and Rsvp to stay informed.

Below is a two-part event program set for the Love Out Loud Ball:

Part 1- Friday, 2/9/18 8pm-2am Off-campus- Brave Space Alliance on 237 E. 58th St. Chicago, IL 60637:

Roundtable Discussion- 8pm-10pm
Variety Show- 10pm-12am
LSS & Ball Competition- 12am-2am

Part 2- Date and Time: TBD On-campus event- Chicago State University on 9501 S. King Drive Chicago, IL 60628:

Tentatively: HIV Screenings, Documentary Intro, Panel Discussion, Silent Auction, VIP Reception, Vendors Raffle, Category Demonstrations, Fashion Teaser, Tribute Performances, Intermission w/ Special Productions by Judges,
Legends, Statements, and Stars Red Carpet, and Tens or Chop Ballroom Talent Competition!


Part 1 of this event will serve as a fundraiser for Part 2 which includes a give early minimum donation opportunity at only $10 per person per event if received by 2/9/18!

$100 per House for all members for entry to both events if received in time of full benefit or no later than 2/12/18 for the latter event at CSU!

Part 1: VIP Toasting Reception for all Houses who have already donated to reserve table for dining at Part 2 of this event hosted at CSU!

Part 2 of the event post the give early minimum donation period will require a minimum $20 donations for entry unless you are a CSU or King College Prep student with valid school issued identification card or able to participate in a tentative limited HIV screening opportunity. Actual date of Part 2 of this event at CSU TBA!

To donate in advance electronically please use the following link and specify in the comments your phone number in case needed: .

For more information on how else you can sign-up to volunteer at one or both of these events, register for a productions for automatic tens, donating, and/or participating in a workshop, panel discussion, program, and/or tentative testing opportunities please call: Solomon 773-495-1059.

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15th ann. Love Out Loud Ball categories offered at Part 1 and continued or reintroduced at Part 2 as needed-

* Moment Makers: Filming for a documentary asking all Legends and Icons to come demonstrate their mastered category during LSS. Short productions are welcomed.

* All American: Embrace the melting pot wearing a multicultural assemble.
* European: Whitewashed no longer, bring it in an all Black royal effect.
* Big Boys vs Big Girls: Walking lite on your feet in flowing material.
* Female Figure: Take over a man's world in a tailor suit and tie.

* BQ Thugs: Trade in the rugged look for an all white presentation.
* BQ Schoolboys: Dressed for homecoming repping your school.
* BQ Prettyboys: Recently pledged bring it in your fraternity swagg.
* BQ Executives: Voted in H.S. as most likely to be successful dressed for it.
* BQUiDrags: Star of the cheerleading squad. Don't forget your pompoms.
* FQs: Rep your line sisters wearing your sorority colors and number.
* NeoWomen: No one could tell, but you made the change in sheer fabric.
* Butch: You are a stud muffin naturally masculine still in your sports uniform.
* Transmen: Misgendered at birth socially reborn as a blue-collar worker.

* Best Dress: No school regulations. Bring your prom moment to life.
* Designers Delight: Defy the industry in a gender-fluid Runway Ready outfit!
* Streetwear: Typical B-Boy made over in urban fashion and ovah footwear.
* Sportswear: Running for Mr./Miss CSU come done Head to Toe with a prop.

Vogue Performance-
* Soft & Dainty: Ballet recital ready, vogue off of an elegant classic song.
* Dramatics: You are a battle cat dressed in literal form still in control.
* Drags: Auditioning for "so you think you can dance" in a rhinestone effect.
* FQs: Wipe the floor w/ the comp using that element dressed as a sexy maid.
* Big Boys vs Big Girls: Bring it in an effect inspired by your favorite candy.
* OldWay vs NewWay: 2 styles, 1 chance dressed in (stretch) denim.
* Twisters: Walked realness & ready for battle dressed in army fatigue.
* Hand Performance: Tell a story or get no glory. Wearing decorative gloves.

* Male Figure: Forever beautiful as an ageless Vampire. Battle by generation.
* BQ up in Drags: Inspired by a musical idol come done like the Diva herself!
* Femme Queen: You are the Blonde Bomb shell that inspired Andy Warhol.
* Women's: Let no hair or anyone get in your way. You were born for this!
* Big Boys/Big Girls: Not just cute to be big, but completely serving the kids.

* Models: Whether naturally thin or cultivated come in a swimwear effect.
* Muscular: Gender aside you are the ruler of the jungle in an animal print.
* Luscious: Too juicy to deny, more than a snack, but a whole meal. Bring it tastefully.
* Male Figure Sex Siren Jr vs Sr: Juniors come in red and Seniors come in blue.
* Female Figure Sex Siren: Whether silicone valley or all natural in hot pink.

* Bizarre Bazaar: Let PrEP be your guide to demonstrate its innovation in effect.
* Up in Pumps: Long gone the days of playing in mother's heels. Be mother!
* New/Virgins: 1 yr. or less for Runway & Vogue in house colors or white t-shirt.

* Register for categories in advance to do 1-2 minute prod. for automatic 10s.
* Houses/Families/Agencies/007s to donate towards $2K in cash prizes offer at Part 2.
* Winners of the Runway, Realness, & Vogue categories will battle for cash at Part 2.
* Tentative Raffle prizes available for those who attend the panel discussion portion.
* Tentative Door prizes offered to those who attend IDE Workshop or gets tested for HIV.

For more information to register, donate, and/or sign up for workshop, panel discussion or testing call: Solomon 773-495-1059.

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