maroon color wears for bridesmaid

Love seeing the memories. Taking my future daughter bride-to-be wedding dress shopping. “This is her ringing that ? .” Somehow, Even though a couple years ago already that she has been living with her high school sweetheart. Why do I still feel like I’m going to have a quick heart attack seeing pictures. Other moms, Does this major heart and protective feeling ever go away? Is it just because she is my first daughter? “Love, Love, Love My babydoll. She’s my brat!, Very sweet hearted deep within her heart, day one born perfectly pretty & beautiful. As a baby, she was never without & full of happy giggles and smiles. From a young age she developed her beautiful shy behavior & attitude of homely contentment, young of maturity being a first born and a big sister. My daughter truly blossomed into an absolute beautiful Caucasian/Cherokee young lady in her natural wellbeing and beauty. Her smile always captures that loving attention. Her laughter will stay in my heart forever. Even though so mature she has always shared my heart in so many ways as one! Always a go getter and always set out to accomplish “her” dreams. And as she pleases I might add. One thing I know for certain! Is that I will always share her happiness in my heart. “Always.” More and more I notice that I’ve had to let go of her everyday living and she has ventured into her own. But also, Every now and then and secretly in her heart. She still needs to feel close to her mommy and hear my voice. I love feeling those times from her and getting that phone call. And she still has the decency in her loving nature to pop back in at her family home. I’ll take all the daughter visits I can get ‘Anyday.’ I love you my precious daughter. maroon color wears for bridesmaid