one shoulder of the styled items to wear

The husband and wife are like two hearts in one SOUL, Two minds in one body ...doing everything together as a united body. They plan and think as ONE PERSON. They work together to dispel any difficulty
1 • A pious wife obeys her husband when he instructs her.
• The most important quality of a good wify is that she obeys every instruction of her husband that does not violate the commands of Allah.
When a wife obeys all her husband's lawful instructions for Allah sake, she WILL WIN HIS LOVE AND TRUST. he will become her best friend and will do anything for her .
Dis will happen ONLY WHEN the wife does everything to obey her hubby.
As a wife, be prepared to sacrifice your resting mints or hour, and her pleasure for your husband.
Always remember that any humiliation suffered in serving One's husband is actually an honour.
To win your hubby's heart and love adopt d above..
2 • she pleases him when he looks at her.
She employs lawful means to look after her beauty and cleanliness so that she remains attractive for her husband. She also dresses lawfully in a very good manner that pleases her hubby
It indeed very very strange that many women look like streetsweepers, and servants when at home with their husbands, Subhanal lah but they dress up smartly, neat, nicely when going out of the house..
She only want others to see her good outfits, she doesn't dress up for her husband whose pleasure d clothes were made, and for whom she made herself a bride, but she does it for OTHERS TO SEE, SUBHANAL LAH.
She dress shabbily before her hubby and she does not SPEAK politely to him, yet she dresses EXQUISITELY before others and she speak most sweetly, calmly, lovely way with THEM, SUBHANAL LAH
And she only reserve her good dresses for occasions, n Ceremonies..
3 • she fulfils his oaths when he swears an oath .
A good wife fulfils her husband oaths when he swears an oath, that she should do something within the bounds of Islamic rules and shariah.
Such situations usually arise because of the hubby's love for his wify or because he takes pride in something she does. He will therefore, take an oath or he makes her take an oath that she will do as he SAYS.
for instance, he says an oath that she visit his mother every Thursday, or that she fast each Monday's and Thursday or she performs tahajjud for selected nights, when this happens she should do her best to ensure that she does exactly as he swore that she should.
When aside have true affections for her husband, she will do anything he wants her to do especially when an oath is involved.
4 • she is very patient and very calm
sister Allah loves you that have patience .
• be of more patience in dealing with your matrimonial homes .
• her patience with him
• her patience with the new life
• her patience with the arguments
• her patience trying to reshape her behaviour to mingle with his altitudes
• her patience with trying to obey him
• her patience with she being right in an issue but proven wrong .
• her patience with his family and siblings
• her patience with doing what pleases her husband .
• her patience with the new royalty.
• her patience with her new kingdom ,which comes with many issues , argument, quarrels , misunderstandings, and over ruling .
• her patience with him .
Patience is a characteristic that can never be praised enough. A woman who remains patient at the times of hardship and relies on the help and mercy of Allah is without a doubt a beloved servant of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. Allah says::
“And Allah loves As-Saabiroon (the patient)”
(Surah Aal Imran: 146)
• Her cooking always makes her husband delirious.
• She cooks Delicious and very natural.
• She makes him never intend to eat outside.
• She cooks neatly
Delicious food is without a doubt weakness of men. It’s an old saying that “The Way to a Man's Heart is through his Stomach”.
• When ever she serves you meal Thank her with a smile always
• If you excepting rice and you saw yam don't be angry , Tell her you even love it more.
• If on a particular day she makes mistake with the cooking , maybe burnt or salty etc ... Calmly eat it and don't frown or get angry or shout on her rather appreciate .
• Something might happen and you the husband return home but there is nothing like cooked food . Though just bread and tea or any thing snappy to eat. Just eat without complain she will explain to you later.
Be a very good cook in the two side...
6 • when he is out( travels) she safeguard her chastity his wealth.
Whenever the husband leaves the home for some reasons, it so the duty of the wife to safeguard her chastity and his wealth just as she would do when he is present with her. No honourable man would want his wife to be in the company of a non-mahram or that she should even make eyecontact with such a man. He wants his wife EXCLUSIVELY FOR HIMSELF.
when a woman marries she becomes the focal point of his life and it is with her that he will satisfy himself and find solace. She holds this fundamental position in his life when he is with her as well as when he is not.
He also entrusts her with his wealth and possession when he leaves the house. She should therefore safeguard his possessions when he is not at home. She should never waste his money or spend on others without his PERMISSION.
Never should a good wife insist that her husband buys her something merely bcoz someone else has it.
7 • safeguard his wealth
"the best wealth is a tongue that engages in zikr, the heart that is grateful and a muminah wife who assist her husband in his imaan"
She is the wealth for him, and she will always protect her husband wealth when he travels.the wife who assist her husband in imaan means a wife who is more concerned about her husband religiousness and reminds him When it is time to perform Salah, tahajud, to fast sunnah, etc.. She ensures that he refrain from any act of haram....
She is the wife that expresses her gratitude for everything her husband provides or done, irrespective of how little it is, when she views everything through Lenses of gratitude, she will see only the good in everything and in every item, and no faults. When a woman express her gratitude to her husband, to her in-laws, she will be expressing her gratitude to Allah, the same time always purify ur tongue with ALHAMDULIL LAH. one shoulder of the styled items to wear
When a wife senses grief in her hubby face, she should immediately share his feelings and sympathise with him. When he is happy, she should also share his happiness and not to do anything to spoil it.. That a pious wife.
Whatever written of Truth and benefit is only due to Allah’s Assistance and Guidance, and whatever of error is of me alone. Allah Alone Knows Best and He is the Only Source of Strength.
May Allah guide you all to the right path – the one where peace and love are infinite.Allah bless ur unions
Allah bless you with good Allah fearing wives,Allah bless you with Good Allahfearing husbands.